Angular Tutorial

Angular is a very popular framework for building web applications that can run on mobile and desktop.

This angular tutorial is intended to give you more than working knowledge. This step by step tutorial is designed for beginners so that they can learn angular easily.
Follow this tutorial closely to learn Angular application development.
What is angular?
Angular is a framework which allows you to create web applications using javascript, html and typescript. It is mainly based on typescript.
Angular can be used to create web, mobile and desktop applications. It provides features such as data and event binding, routing, animations etc.

Typescript used to write angular components follows javascript syntax, provides all object oriented features and is much easy to learn if you are familiar with any of the high level languages such as Java, C++ or C#.

With typescript, you can organize your code easily using Inheritance, Interfaces, Dependency injection etc. Typescript after compilation is converted to javascript only.

Angular lets you define custom HTML tags and you can create a view that should be shown in place of those tags. Its name comes from the angle shaped brackets(“<” and “>”) used to define HTML tags.
Why learn angular
Following are some of the features that make it vital in developing modern applications.

  1. Cross Platform: Angular can be used to create applications for all platforms such as Browser, Mobile and Desktop.
  2. Fast: Angular lets you create Single Page applications which eliminates the need of loading whole page again and again.
  3. Template: Angular lets you design your pages based on templates which makes development faster.
  4. Back end Independent: Angular application does not care whether the back end is written in Java, .NET, Python, Node.js or any other platform.
  5. Dynamic: With features such as property binding, interpolation, event binding, angular applications are dynamic.
  6. Component based: Pages designed using Angular are component based with a single page consisting of multiple components.
    This makes creating pages very easier. Also, components can be nested inside one another with parent and child relationship, thus enabling data sharing among them.

Due to all above features, angular is the most in demand web application development framework.

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