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Writing code is a regular job of any developer. Every developer is stuck at some point while doing his job and then he strives to find a solution either using Internet, peer support or his own efforts. With this thought of quoting those real, practical problems (along with their solution, off course) which every developer faces, coDippa is born.

The Content

Each post of this site is intended towards solution to a practical problem with proper code snippets. These problems have either been observed among developers or they have been reported by a developer to us. The language of posts has been kept lucid and easily understandable.

coDippa shall also try to incorporate some easy tutorials for those who are not developers but aspiring to be one but the priority of the posts remains solution to a real world technical problem.

If you, as a developer, as a student or as an observer are facing any bottleneck or have solved one, do write to us at connect@codippa.com. We would be glad to hear from you. If any post is born out of your problem, your name will also be published at the end of the post (either the solution is provided by you or us, doesn’t matter).

Don’t forget to buzz connect@codippa.com !!!

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