If you use MySQL workbench, you might or already have encountered an error such as “Select is not valid at this position for this server version”.

If you ever come across this error, then this definitely means that the SQL query you are executing has some syntax error, that is, some keywords are wrongly placed.
Suppose there are two tables customers and orders between which we want to apply a JOIN operation on columns id and customerid of tables customers and orders respectively.

SQL Query for the JOIN operation should be

SELECT * FROM customers JOIN orders ON customers.id = orders.customerid;

Now if you mistakenly place the ON keyword just after JOIN keyword and insert a WHERE before the condition, which makes the query as

SELECT * FROM customers JOIN ON orders WHERE customers.id = orders.customerid;

You are most likely to get the above error as shown below.

select is not valid at this position for this server versionThus, if you encounter this error next time, do check the syntax of your SQL query before searching any further.

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