How to resolve “Data path “” should not have additional properties(es5browsersupport)” error in angular

If you have faced or are facing the below error while running your angular application, then this post is for you.

Schema validation failed with the following errors: Data path “” should NOT have additional properties(es5BrowserSupport)

There are two ways to remove this error, choose any of the below as per the requirement.
1. Remove es5BrowserSupport option from application
Find angular.json file in your project and search for es5BrowserSupport. Comment this line as shown in the image below.
comment out es5browsersupport property
Restart the application using command ng serve.
This approach is not recommended if you want your application to support older browsers.
2. Upgrade versions to support es5BrowserSupport
If you want es5BrowserSupport in your application, then the minimum version for @angular/cli should be 7.3 and @angular-devkit/build-angular should be 0.13.
So, modify the version of these dependencies in the package.json file of your application. After these modifications, run npm install to install the updates and run ng serve to start the application.
Further, if you do not want to edit package.json file, then update @angular/cli using below command,

ng update @angular/cli

and update @angular-devkit/build-angular using below command

ng update @angular-devkit/build-angular

Hit the clap below if any of the above solutions worked for you.


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