What is React.js
React is a javascript library for creating user interfaces. It was created at Facebook in the year 2011.
Official documentation for react describes it as

A Javascript Library for building User Interfaces.

React being a Javascript library means applications created in react run in web browser. Phrase “for building User Interfaces” means that it can only be used to create view layer of an application.
Why use react?
React is currently one of the most learnt and sought after technology in terms of usage and job market. Having it in your skill set will definitely increase your demand as a web developer.

React lets you break the user interface into small pieces called components. These components can be re-used across the application which makes application development and maintenance very easier.

Also, it uses JSX(JavaScript Syntax Extension) to create web elements which makes application development easier. Though it is not mandatory to use JSX but react supports it.
This course will teach you how to use react for building interactive web applications.

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