For learning node, it is recommended that you install it on your system. For installing node, open your browser and navigate to
This page will look like this.
installing node js on your system
It will show you two versions, the latest stable version and the current version. Current version will always be greater than the stable version.
Always download the latest stable version since it is properly tested and working.
If you are on Windows, click the latest stable version and it will automatically start downloading the installer.

If you are on Linux or Mac, then click on Other Downloads link just below the latest stable release link and download the installer as per your operating system.
Once the installer is downloaded, run it and follow installation instructions.
Checking node installation
Once node is installed, you can check whether it was properly installed or not.
On Windows, open command prompt and on Linux/Mac open terminal and type

node –version

This will display the version of node that is installed on your machine.

If node is installed on your system, it will show you something like this.

E:\>node –version

In the next section, we shall write a program on node and see how to execute it.

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