How to highlight a table row on click using jQuery

Any element is highlighted due to its background-color property. By default this property has NO value, hence the element is not highlighted when it is at first added to the page.
If we change the value of this property, we are easily able to highlight the element. For highlighting an element (such as a table row) on click, there are a couple of approaches using jQuery:

I. Change the ‘background-color’ property of the row in the click event handler of the row. Code would be: (more…)

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How to perform operations on select box using jQuery / Drop down jQuery cheat sheet

There are many operations which we have to perform on select boxes (or drop downs) such as selecting an option based on index, selecting an option based on visible text, removing an option etc. using jQuery.

Most of the times, we do not remember the selectors or methods to accomplish the required task and we end up searching the Internet giving away our valuable time. In this post, I have tried to accumulate various operations and their methods which should be helpful to many. Read On !!! (more…)

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