JDBC in java with example

JDBC stands for Java DataBase Connectivity and is a technology for database connectivity from java program. JDBC is a collection of multiple interfaces and classes which provides methods for database connection and operations.
Operations include executing SQL queries for fetching records, inserting and updating or deleting data from a database table directly from a java program.
For performing any operation on a database using JDBC, requires some steps. They are : (more…)

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JDBC Vs Hibernate – A Comparison / Difference between JDBC and Hibernate

JDBC is an acronym for Java DataBase Connectivity and is a technology for interaction of java application and its objects with a database. Hibernate on the other hand is a java based framework which also facilitates the interaction of application objects with a database but in a completely different approach.

Below are listed some differences between the two. The points do not intend to indicate which is better, they just compare the various aspects of the method of operation of both. The headers before each row indicate the area of comparison. (more…)

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