How to iterate over a list of objects in jsp / How to create a table from a list of objects in jsp / How to iterate over a collection using jstl


Suppose we want to show a list of registered users of the application in a tabular format on a jsp. The list of users is created on the server and is bound to an attribute (in request, session or application scope) if you are using servlet or bound to an attribute in ModelAndView if you are using Spring controller as below. (more…)

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How to iterate over a list in various ways in java / Different methods of list iteration in java

Iterating over a collection is a task that most developers are required to perform during their development task and most of us keep on using the same way which we have used earlier though there are many ways to do this.
In this post I am going to list down all those ways. We all might be familiar with these ways. Still, keep on reading to refresh!!! (more…)

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