How to get current date in java / Various ways to get the current date in java

Most applications require calculating current date for different reasons. It may be for logging events, for saving the creation, updation or deletion time of entities, recording the login details of a user and so on. Java provides different methods to calculate current date and time. Following article explains different methods to obtain current date and/or time in java. (more…)

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How to implement Stack in java / Custom Stack implementation in java using different methods

What is Stack ?

A linear data structure which stores newly added items at its top and retrieves newly added items from its top. Consider a pile of books where each new book added to the pile is placed at its top and at the time of removal, the book at the top is removed. A stack works on LIFO (Last In First Out) principle and supports only two operations : (more…)

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How to convert XML file to java objects / Converting XML file to java objects using JAXB

Practical Scenario

Suppose your application has to read an XML file and store its contents in a database such as each set of nodes is created as a record. For Example, there are multiple employee nodes with employee details in your xml and you have to store each employee details as a record in database. The process would be pretty easy if you have some mechanism to get the employee details form the XML in the form of java objects as then you could iterate those objects and store them by using JDBC or directly save them using any ORM framework (such as Hibernate). (more…)

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How to create XML from java objects / Create XML from objects using JAXB


Suppose your application fetches a record from a database and it needs to create an XML out of it. There are chances that your application uses an ORM framework such as Hibernate and the database record is fetched in the form of entity classes. Now you have two ways, iterate over the object properties and create each XML node manually using the XML DOM apis (How to create XML from Java program using DOM parser) or follow the approach detailed here. (more…)

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