How to send form data to Spring controller using ajax / How to Submit Form using ajax

There are scenarios where you want to silently post a form to server or submit a form without a page refresh. Typical example is a Facebook page where you comment on a post. When you comment, the page is not refreshed but the comment is saved somewhere on the server which means that a save request is sent without entire page submit.
This involves the use of ajax. As soon as we decide to use ajax, a question arises as to how we would send form data from jsp to server without page submit and there would be a big hassle involved in form data transmission. Well!!! After reading this post, you won’t feel the same. (more…)

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How to perform operations on select box using jQuery / Drop down jQuery cheat sheet

There are many operations which we have to perform on select boxes (or drop downs) such as selecting an option based on index, selecting an option based on visible text, removing an option etc. using jQuery.

Most of the times, we do not remember the selectors or methods to accomplish the required task and we end up searching the Internet giving away our valuable time. In this post, I have tried to accumulate various operations and their methods which should be helpful to many. Read On !!! (more…)

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How to convert a string to boolean in javascript / Various ways to convert a string to boolean in javascript

There are situations in which we have a boolean value in string format (‘true’ or ‘false’) and we want its boolean equivalent (such as true or false).
Practical application is when we have a check condition value which is stored as a string in database and based on this value we want to perform some operation on our html page (or jsp).

Off course, we can compare the string returned from database with ‘true’ and ‘false’ and get a boolean as a result but this may not be a perfect solution.
Below, I have tried to collect some approaches to achieve this. Read On !!! (more…)

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