How to count frequency of digits in a given number in java / Java program to count the number of times each digit occurs in a number

This problem is pretty common in interviews and computer examinations. Candidate is required to write a program where a user enters any random integer and the program should display the digits and their count in the number. For Example, if the entered number is 74526429492, then frequency of 7 is 1, 4 is 3, 5 is 1, 6 is 1, 2 is 3, 9 is 2. In tabular format,


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How to divide two numbers without using division (/) operator in java / How to find remainder of division of two numbers using minus (-) operator / Java program to find remainder of division using –

Suppose you want to divide a number a by another number b in java, you will use a / b. So simple, isn’t it. But what if you are required to determine the result by using only minus(-) operator, that is, without using division (/) operator. (more…)

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