Want the developers’ community to know about a problem that you solved or new technology/topic you learned recently !!!

If yes, then codippa.com gives you an opportunity to spread your content across millions of fellow programmers, learners and aspiring entrants into the industry.
For those who want to share their knowledge with others but do not want to take the overhead of spreading, this is the place.
What I will gain
Gain is not always monetary, below achievements are way above

  • Recognition among your professional community. Each article will be published along with your name and necessary details.
  • Development of writing skills.
  • Encouraging others to share their knowledge.
  • That feeling, I did it on my own!!!, sharing will increase it manifold.
  • Satisfaction, that you are contributing somewhere outside of your organisation.
  • You don’t need to spend anything on domain, hosting, marketing which means you are saving on something.
  • By sharing, you only need to take care of content. Rest all stuff such as
    • Text formatting,
    • Publishing,
    • Spreading,
    • Making it error free.

    will be taken care of here.

Why here
codippa.com is continuously growing its reach in the form of its increasing subscribers, readers and visitors. On technical front also, we are adding new technology articles which means that your content will be accessible to a huge reader base.

Tell me how
Write the technical problem that you have solved recently or in the past along with the solution that worked.
If you are not into much writing, then just send the description of the problem that you did face and we will figure out its solution.
This will also save efforts of others stuck in the same problem.

Send in your article to connect@codippa.com with the subject line “Solved: {Name of technology}”

Problem may be related to diverse technologies such as Java, Python, Angular, React, Node.js, Javascript, Database, Linux, Windows, Spring, Hibernate, Servlet, JSP etc.

Looking forward to receiving your emails!!!


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